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Healthandage not a member yet? Member? Search search this site: or click here to browse the list of diseases home conditions & diseases wellness patient guide news h&a blog questions & answers home » safety of carotid stenting shown in study 03/24/2006 - news safety of carotid stenting shown in study by: susan aldridge, medical journalist, phd tools: safety of carotid stenting shown in study reported by susan aldridge, phd, medical journalist results from the largest ever multi center study show that widening the carotid arteries with a stent has a low complication rate. Thickening of the carotid artery, which serves the brain and runs through the neck, is a risk factor for stroke. Some patients do not have any symptoms of incipient stroke, but can still benefit from having surgery to unblock the carotid arteries. But some cannot have conventional surgery because of other medical conditions. For them, stenting - placing a device that keeps the arteries open - is an option. A team led by scientists at columbia university medical center now reports on 2,500 patients who were treated with carotid stenting (all were at some risk from conventional surgery). The overall rate of major complications - death, stroke or heart attack - was 5. 7 per cent within 30 days, which compares favorably with what other studies have found for carotid stenting. cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online generic viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra online This safety data may help the procedure become more widely accepted. Source american college of cardiology meeting 14th march 2006 created on: 03/24/2006 reviewed on: 03/24/2006 average: select rating poor okay good great awesome no votes yet read more about: heart disease tools: you might be interested in: stroke prevention surgery is being used in a more appropriate way carotid stenting improves memory and thinking heart bypass with carotid endarterectomy increases death and stroke risk new statin may help even those at low risk of heart disease statins reduce stroke, heart attack in patients at risk invasive treatment better for heart attack patients presenti.
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