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The Unbearable Automaticity of Being - Bargh_&_Chartrand_(1999)
The Social Brain Hypothesis - Dunbar_1998
The Flammable Synapse
The Dangers of Behavioral Biology
Symmetry and Sacred Alphabets
Holographic Brain
Ten Questions about Design
HeartMath Intuition Paper-Part 1
Autism & Phenotyping


15th Annual SCTPLS Conference or you can also link to it at Society for Chaos Theory
August 4-6, 2005 University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA
Once you open the slideshow, right click to move forward and left click to move backward. Any other activity will pop you out of the slideshow, so click with care!

The Blueberry Brain Institute's 12th Annual Snowflake Conference: Dynamical Systems Thinking in Science and Society
February 25-27, 2005, The Pueblo at East Campus, Springfield College, Springfield, MA

Katonah Study Group For Integrative Medicine: June 22, 2005 in Katonah, NY

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