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1st Consulting Cycle Resources
Somatic Basics - Everybody Knows
Somatic Center Challenges - Going Beyond The Baseline
The Somatic Centers
The Four Domains

2nd Consulting Cycle Resources
Introduction to Transitional States

3rd Consulting Cycle Resources
The Living X Factor
Non-Violent Communication Process
SI-Non-Violent Communication Key Feelings and Needs
Your Reserve Index
Am I Tolerating Survey
The Stress Index
The Decision Matrix
The Abundance Of List
The 15 Human Conditions List
Super-Sensitive Person Checklist
Relationship Checklists
Emotional Reactions Inventory
Venn Diagram Mind Mapping
Chart Your Life Path
546 Goals

4th Consulting Cycle Resources
Introduction to the Seasonal Systems
Seasonal Transition Survey - Fall Back
Seasonal Transition Survey - Spring Forward
Seasonal Transition Survey - Summer Stock
Seasonal Transition Survey - Winter Window

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