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If there's a will, there's a technology! Below I've given you two easy ways to stay in touch with the latest news, announcements and opportunities I'll be posting on the variuos blogs that support The Extended Self Program ...

Below I've provided some basic information about each option. Have at it!

The Bloglines service allows experienced internet users to easily track blogs and active websites using the RSS (really simple syndication) technology. Just minutes to set up.

Step 1 - Complete the registration on their new account page - it's free.
Step 2 - Once you've registered, go to the subscribe page Step 3 - Add these three blogs to your fees by copying the web addresses below and then paste them (one at a time) where it says -- Blog or Feed URL

Step 4 - Install the that matches your internet browser. This will place a little icon on your PC's toolbar that'll tell you when my blogs have a new post.

The Feedblitz services allows inexperienced internet users to easily track blogs and active websites through their e-mail. All you do to register is go to my blogs below and fill in the space you'll see that asks you for your e-mail address. You'll get an e-mail notice when that blog has a new post. I recommend this one for people who just 'surf' occasionally.

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Toll Free V-Mail: 866/296-4907
Local V-Mail: 914/833/3388

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