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Life's 'Second Half'
The Dreamer's Checklist

My 'Grand Vision' Fulfilled Longevity & Optimal Well-Being
Spiritual Maturity/Enlightenment/Nirvana Utopian Society - "Heaven on Earth"

We live in a culture where life's 'first half' takes precedence. Youth. Vitality. Innocence. These are the qualities we celebrate and seek to regain as we age and lose touch with them. We speak of prevention and early detection of over 400-named conditions but fail to study well-being. We are inundated with memory-enhancing magic pills and told about ways to offer accelerated learning to our children. Even spiritual aspects of life have 'fast tracks'. The advent of Integral Consciousness has shifted our perception of how far-reaching our intent is, how interconnected our thoughts are and what our purpose on Earth really is. Lately, being human is very complex.

Despite all our efforts, at some point our arms are too short to read the newspaper and we're more aware of our IRA and PSA count than the number of noble truths we know. How can we perceive life's 'second half' as distinct from time, the aging process, and our dread about dying?

"Time isn't after us. Time isn't holding us."
David Byrne

The Extended Self Program offers a radical solution: Focus on your conversations. Within every social interaction are the seed thoughts of your unfolding second half. By gaining a more embodied sense of these messages, those assumptions you hold about life, work, health and relationships begin to loosen their grip. You open 'in'. Suddenly, each moment is more sensitized, more vibrant with possibilities. It is 'in here' that the dreamer's checklist is realized.

In order to accomplish this we need to acknowledge our 1st-person perspectives. This awareness occurs within our soma, 'the living you, experienced from within'. The combination of social engagement and somatic integration brings you into contact with the deeper support of salutogenesis, 'that which gives birth to health'. We use this to bridge our Immediate Self, which we consider solid and specific, to a sense of our Extended Self, which is fluid and diffuse. It's the daily oscillations between these aspects of our identity that brings elements of the 'second half' out. Learning to notice, value and skillfully apply them to our worldly concerns is the focus of The Extended Self Program. With 78 million Boomers now 40+, we're finally ready.

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