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From The Inside, Looking Out
Iíve always been a relentless questioner. Sometimes, just saying those one-word questions are all I need to feel alive. Really? No, really? Are you kidding me??? Why me? It can get annoying. Over the years, Iíve learned that given the choice between an easy answer and a tough question, I take the question over and over. Itís panned out OK. You learn that the way you raise questions influences your experience of lifeís reply. Ask a silly one and guess what? Thatís how powerful it all is. Thereís a process called autosuggestion, which just means Ďself-proposalí, which just means, "I asked myself". Thatís life to me, one long question. Itís not really about getting the right answers or the best ones either. The happiest people I know seem to just wonder, fully.

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From The Outside, Looking In
Dr. Mark Filippi practiced behavioral chiropractic for the last 13 years in a private practice in Westchester County, NY. During that time, his titles expanded to both published clinical researcher and post-graduate educator. That combination led to the creation of a three-part protocol that blends interpersonal and developmental aspects of brain function with somatic awareness. In 2004, Dr. Mark began devoting his efforts to guiding people to an awareness of Your Extended Self (YES) and established The YES Center in Larchmont, NY. The transition into a behavioral consultant is complete and now his practice has been transformed into a community of "mappers" who study, learn and share their insights about the maps they encounter. His focus now is to bring this material to the attention of practitioners, educators and families.
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