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The Extended Self Program has now structured a protocol to take people through four 90-Day 'cycles' that will deliver them the core competencies of Profiling, Isolating, Coupling, and Regulating their somatic integration. Below I've briefly summarized each of them and provided some PDF's to support your further understanding of the objectives of pursuing a private consulting cycle with me.

This is a capacity of the soma to assess the underlying tone in the environment you are experiencing/co-creating in the moment. This one competency dictates the degree of coherence you operate with as you converse with the world. Learning to receive, alter and transform these patterns of being are the focus of the 1st consulting cycle.

This is the mirror opposite of what profiling provides us. Here we open up to a more stratified awareness and utilize the features of transition to 're-thread' ourselves from a variety of perspectives. Here we learn to appreciate many different dimensions of ourselves and how they all form a greater mosaic of our wholeness. The 2nd consulting cycle brings us state-specificity.

Each individual attempts to include the lessons and transcend the mindset of self-conflict. We are not provided with a means to accomplish this however. The 3rd consulting cycle breaks down these areas using the 'positive gains' of the first two cycles as the raw material for this reunion.

No matter how much inner work we do, nature contains rhythms that run outside our awareness. As we bring the new somatic resources of the other three cycles into harmony with this element, we add to our reserves and create a more long-term sense of coherence. This is our 4th cycle.

The aim of all phases of private consulting is to help clients to form their payoffs clearly so they can merge their guiding image with their coherent witness position. These are the two components of lasting change that bring integrity to our living.

Rates: Each cycle features one Live Session per month ($150 individuals/$250 for families) and one Phone Session ($50/30 minutes for individuals and $75 for families) to discuss progress/direction/other options, etc..+ unlimited e-mail support to answer any concerns/questions that show up. This is what I consider the minimum or floor of what we'll do together. The ingredients of each interaction are guided by the client's unique personal needs.

Packages: All clients are encouraged to pre-pay for as much consulting time as they desire. All local YES Center clients can receive 20% off for opting for this arrangement at any point.

a la carte menu: Legacy Clients of the YES Center and certified Somatic Circle Facilitators can opt to experience any of the 12 Live Sessions or just experience an open-ended Phone Session.

General Consulting Resources

I figured this part of the site would be a good 'jumping off' point for people to explore some of basic concepts of The Extended Self Program. For your convenience, I've reposted this inventory in the YES Store so it's over there too.

For a basic overview of Your Extended Self (YES) read the Tacit Journey Outline
Tacit Journey Self Study Outline

For a fast and simple access to Your Extended Self (YES) read these exercises
Introducing Your Extended Self

For a consulting orientation on The Somatic Terrain
The Somatic Terrain

For a consulting orientation on Somatic Education Objectives
Somatic EducationObjectives

For a consulting orientation on Somatic Interfaces
Somatic Interfaces

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